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A brand is a statement of ambition & professionalism

Your brand is what represents you at every step of your journey. It can be as simple as a single typeface or a complex divergence of colours and shapes. Your logo can be the difference between you and your competitors.

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How much does a logo cost to design?

Let's not mess around. It's the burning question that everyone asks. The honest answer is, it depends on the individual or business that determines how much value they see in a well-designed logo and what it will add to their business. We've had clients with no prior design experience create logos in Word and think that will do, but when we show them some ideas they instantly recognise why people pay good money for a professionally designed logo. If you want a cost for a logo feel free to get in touch and we'll provide you with a fixed cost from initial designs to the finished logo.

Do you need brand guidelines?

Brand guidelines are essential to give designers the freedom to be creative within the confines of the brand style. It's the ideal method to control the way people see your company. Through these guidelines, you can control every aspect of brand vision from the tone of voice, typefaces, colour palettes, image usage and more. Aside from all this, at the very least, every company should have guidelines on how to use the company logo, illustrate sizes, clear space, position, orientation, etc. These simple factors will protect the logo from being compromised.

Already have a logo, but not a vector version

A common scenario we encounter is when we're asked to develop a website or design for print when the client only has a jpeg or png version of the logo. These formats are fine for digital but not for print. In this case, we will be more than happy to redraw a master logo for you as a vector. Heck, if it's a simple logo we'll probably do it for free.

Our logo design process

One of our most valuable advantages is our ability to listen. Understanding the client's business and market, as well as comprehending their ambitions and goals, is critical to meeting the brief. We take our client's visions and turn them into reality.

Let’s see how we can help you!

We’d love to join forces with you to discuss your logo requirements or hear the vision for your brand.