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Lost for words? Let us do the copywriting for you

What matters more than words? Something that looks visually amazing, has no worth if it lacks substance. To be capable of crafting messaging in an exciting and engaging way without cluttering it with needless exuberance that sounds like a load of “BS” is a rare ability.

ActivePure Website Copywriting

Know your market & your goals

It sounds obvious, but you'll be surprised by the number of companies that are trying to sell products or services but have yet to identify their target market. Before starting on the content, you need to know exactly what you are selling and who you are selling to. Know the customer journey and learn their pain points. The more you get inside the head of your customer the more relatable your content will be.

What to write?

Put yourself in the reader's shoes, try to forget all the superfluous information about the product or service and just answer the questions they would ask. Don't get drawn into telling the origin story, leave that for when the movie comes out about your success!

How to write it

The key is to understand the terminology, knowledge and expectations of the audience. B2B content must use terms that are common within the industry but might be alien to those outside. Whereas B2C needs to speak the customers language to avoid confusion and misunderstanding. Keep it clear and to the point.

Edit, review and proof it

This is the most important stage. Never publish anything without checking it multiple times first. You can find many online tools that will check your grammar. The best practice is to get a second opinion, we'd always recommend an individual unrelated to the business. A trick to proofreading is to read it upside down as it forces the brain to read what is there not what it thinks should be there.

Let’s see how we can help you!

We’d love to join forces with you to discuss your copywriting requirements or even if you need a second pair of eyes we’ll be happy to offer our thoughts.